Art. 300 - Tela marrón / gamuza beige $105
Art. 240 - Tela y gamuza marrón $105

Zapatillas de tela y gamuza negra. Taco de 3,5 cm. Suela de cromo.

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Peso 0.7 kg
Dimensiones 32 × 19 × 12 cm

35 (22.7cm), 35.5 (23cm), 36 (23.3cm), 36.5 (23.7cm), 37 (24cm), 37.5 (24.3cm), 38 (24.7cm), 38.5 (25cm), 39 (25.3cm), 39.5 (25.7cm), 40 (26cm), 40.5 (26.3cm), 41 (26.7cm), 41.5 (27cm), 42 (27.3cm), 42.5 (27.7cm), 43 (28cm), 43.5 (28.3cm), 44 (28.7cm), 44.5 (29cm), 45 (29.3cm), 45.5 (29.7cm), 46 (30cm)


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