From Argentina, to the World

In Fabio Shoes, we hold our people, past and culture in the deepest admiration. This is why we have braved into the international path of creating the best dance shoes in general, and Tango shoes in particular.

This music that broke surface from the River Plate is deeply ingrained within us, and it shows through everything we do. Its style, distinguished elegance and crude sincerity are poured onto all of our footwear. This passion is the only way to excel in a world where the most outstanding dancers are the jurors of our quality; and their experience is our guide.

In a country that towers for its history and tango attitude, we also find fine leathers and materials that astonish even the highest standards of shoe confection. Into this proud culture, Fabio Shoes is born; and after almost two decades, we still seek to surmount ourselves and continue to surprise the world’s best dancers.

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